Research on Essiac®

Research on Essiac®

One of Rene's wishes was for further research to be conducted on Essiac®

In fact, she agreed to sell the formula for one dollar, with the condition that additional research be carried out on Essiac®. Since then, there have been numerous studies on Essiac®, its properties, and the component herbs.

Most of the research have been conducted independently. For example, a recent independent study on Essiac® liquid herbal extract was published by researchers from Whittier College in California*. These studies have utilised the original Essiac® with Rene Caisse's image on each bottle.

Consequently, the results from the studies can be associated with our products, and not others that claim that they are the original recipe. We are excited in the continuing interest in Essiac® from the research community, and our proud to be part of the Rene Caisse's wishes to Restore Life and legacy.

*Ruiz, J., Javaid, I., Olmos, M., & Vetrone, S.A. (2021). Investigation of the In Vivo and In Vitro Effects of EssiacR Liquid Herbal Extract on Health and Cancer. Integrative Food, Nutrition and Metabolism, Vol (8), 1-10. DOI:10.15761/IFNM.1000298

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