ESSIAC From Canada International™ Introduces ESSIAC Daily Drops Crafted from 100% Organic and Wild-Crafted Herbs for Easy, All-Natural Everyday Immune Support

Daily Drops Crafted from 100% Organic and Wild-Crafted Herbs for Easy, All-Natural Everyday Immune Support

A high demand for immunity boosters and liquid supplement formulation makes the all-new ESSIAC Daily Drops the perfect addition to every health seeker’s routine.

Ottawa, Ontario (AUGUST 2021) – The COVID-19 pandemic caused a surge in demand for immune support supplements. Better immune health is at the top of consumers’ minds as the fall and winter seasons threaten new variants. Essiac from Canada International™ has launched ESSIAC Daily Drops, which can easily be added to a morning juice or smoothie to promote overall health and immunity. The popularity of liquid dietary supplements is on the rise making this new formulation an easy and effective solution for holistic wellness. According to Research and Markets, the liquid supplement market was valued at $21,685.72 million in 2019 and is projected to reach $27,732.27 million by 2027. ESSIAC Daily Drops harness the power of whole plant sourced™ ingredients, allowing all to thrive and live their legacy.

“Our daily drops are the first Essiac product to feature 100% organic and wild-crafted herbs, formulated by a Master Herbalist integrating our traditional Essiac recipe of burdock root, Indian rhubarb, slippery elm, and sheep sorrel in the same ratios used by Canadian Nurse, Rene Caisse in 1922 with inspiration from Canada’s Ojibwe tribe. The herbs undergo a combination of maceration and cold percolation, which doesn’t harm the delicate plant essence of the herbs,” said Essiac from Canada International™ Co-Founder, Larry Poirier.

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The burdock root in ESSIAC Daily Drops helps the body fight inflammatory diseases, and contains antioxidants that reduce inflammation and protect cells from free radical damage, which can cause autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, nervous system diseases, aging, and diabetes. Its sheep sorrel possesses strong antiviral properties.

ESSIAC Daily Drops are alcohol-free, certified kosher, and come in an easy-to-take dropper format with a 2-month supply in every bottle. Recommended use is 1 ml to 3 ml, 1 to 3 times a day as needed.

In addition to ESSIAC Daily Drops, ESSIAC From Canada International™ also produces ESSIAC Herbal Powder, ESSIAC Extract, ESSIAC Capsules and ESSIAC Gold™, all of which are vegan, non-GMO, and free of pesticides. ESSIAC From Canada International™ products are available in over 52 countries worldwide and can be purchased.

About Essiac From Canada International™

Essiac From Canada International™ is owned by Larry Poirier and Dr. Lucille Perreault. Its mission is to help people thrive, restoring their power to heal themselves, and supporting them in their desire to overcome obstacles and live out their own legacy. Their Essiac formula honors the work of Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse that in 1922 introduced the Essiac formulation inspired by Ontario’s Ojibwa nation’s traditional herbal remedies. Available as an herbal powder, vegetable capsule, and herbal extract, Essiac contains four simple all-natural ingredients, burdock root, slippery elm, sheep sorrel, and Indian rhubarb.

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